About the author

Horseman and human chiropractor, Dr Frederic Cappon completed his studies in chiropractic and a Graduate Diploma in animal chiropractic at RMIT University (Melb).

As an equine chiropractor and level 1 certified saddle fitter, Frederic has gained hands on experience both locally where he resides in Western Australia and overseas travelling to California and Hawaii. A student of Classical Dressage, Dr Cappon has experience in a wide variety of equine pursuits from Eventing to Polocross. His diverse client base includes Eventers, Dressage warmbloods and Racing stables.

The Blue Stone Manual and the techniques described have evolved over the past 10 years of field practice.
“The large muscle mass of the equine athlete has led me to develop the use of this tool based on sound physiological principles.”

Dr Frederic Cappon
B App Sci (Chiro), Grad Dip Anim Chiro